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Mutants and Machines

Produkttyp: Quellenmaterial ¸ Hardcover mit 215 Seiten für [Gamma World d20]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: White Wolf [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2003

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The Wildlife of a Ruined World. Once¸ not so long ago¸ scientists played with genes like toys¸ and created computers that thought and dreamed. Then came the Final Wars¸ and the rise of the Gamma World. Now¸ new species of plants and animals fill the places humanity once ruled¸ and things that were once tools prey on the descendants of their makers.
Machines That Think...and Hunt. This first supplement for the popular Gamma World® campaign setting covers things both animal and mechanical that roam the post-apocalyptic future. You’ll find descriptions of mutated creatures and of electronic 'species¸' with rules for use as both monsters and as player characters.

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