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DragonMech d20

Produkttyp: Quellenmaterial ¸ Hardcover mit 192 Seiten für [DragonMech]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: White Wolf [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2005

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Giant Mechs Walk The Earth
An age of destruction paved the way for the Second Age of Walkers. Life in DragonMech depends on the gigantic mechanized walkers that provide safety¸ shelter¸ and transportation. Behold a world reshaped by the mech!

A Fantasy World Unlike Any Other
This hardcover campaign sourcebook offers the first detailed look at the world of DragonMech. Learn about the autocratic Stenian Confederacy¸ the mysterious Irontooth Clans¸ the ambitious Legion¸ and the ephemeral L'arile Nation¸ including new feats¸ mechs¸ and classes that allow you to personalize characters from those factions. Along the way¸ find your own answers to the mysteries of the Gearwrights Guild: Was there really a First Age of Walkers before the dawn of magic?

Designed for use with DragonMech¸ Second Age of Walkers includes:
* A comprehensive look at the four major factions shaping the world of DragonMech¸ including maps of their territory¸ descriptions of major personalities¸ and gazetteers of three important city-mechs: Durgan-lok¸ the first city-mech ever built; Haven¸ the human city-mech that threatens dwarven dominance; and Tannanliel¸ the reclusive magic-fueled city-mech of the elves
* Everything a GM needs to shape adventures around the major themes of each faction: the Stenian military¸ the itinerant human tribes that now make up the Legion¸ the myriad individual clans of the Irontooth¸ of which 10 are examined in detail; and the strange magical secrets of the elves and their well-protected forests Stats for dozens of important NPCs¸ including Shar Thizdic¸ Tannan¸ and the most notorious of the Irontooth raiders
* Everything a player need to build characters from each of the major factions¸ including 5 new prestige classes¸ a new core class variant¸ and 49 new feats¸ organized according to the faction in which they originate 56 new spells¸ including the magic used by the Irontooth to steal spirits and bind them to mechs¸ the agricultural magic of the Legion tribes¸ and the mech-augmenting spells of the elves
* And more: rules and background for mechanical sculpture; details on the inner workings of the Gearwrights Guild; background on the dwarven clans; rules for spirit-powered mechs and the shintaji spirit-stealers of the Irontooth; new equipment; 13 new mechs (not counting the city-mechs); and more!

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