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Chronicles of Ramlar: Allies & Adversaries

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2006

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Jet Maljere and Alistra Monshae¸ both known for their fine establishments as much as their connections. There is scarcely an archmage more powerful or respected than Istolil Hune—all the more surprising considering his Druegarn heritage. But just who (or what) is the mysterious Mask dispensing justice in the Sinflar city of Naldaress? Allies & Adversaries is a trove of the famous (and infamous) personalities who make Eranon a lively¸ vibrant setting. Over 60 major characters from all races¸ nations¸ cultures and backgrounds converged in one volume¸ each guided by their respective agendas¸ ready to either help or hinder the player characters in their own destiny to shape the world. . .In addition to the movers-and-shakers¸ the GM will find 30 additional exotic creatures to place in the player characters’ path and spice up combat. Let ‘em loose and hear ‘em roar! Allies & Adversaries is a 200+ page sourcebook designed for the Chronicles of Ramlar fantasy roleplaying game from White Silver Publishing.

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