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Chronicles of Ramlar: Chronicles of Ramlar

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2006

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Powered by the new A/B ('Armor and Body') System¸ The Chronicles of Ramlar RPG features a campaign setting bustling with battles¸ intrigue¸ fame¸ and glory. From the majestic but deadly Andual Mountains to the Cliffs of Eternity¸ in-between the Arch Wizard Istolil Hune's tower and the vile Arch Lich Zychariss's forbidden keep¸ danger lurks in every corner¸ but so do rewards both material and intangible! The Chronicles of Ramlar is a fantasy roleplaying game¸ with a heroic setting of Eranon¸ one of the two major continents on a world created by Ramlar¸ the Maker of All. The premise behind the game is to create your own heroes and weave their own chapters of legend and legacy to be immortalized in The Book-the ultimate annals chronicling Ramlar's world.

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