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Knights of the Silver Dragon: Sign of the Shapeshifter

Produkttyp: Roman ¸ Taschenbuch mit 192 Seiten für [Dungeons&Dragons 3rd Edition] / Dungeons&Dragons 3te Edition

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Wizards of the Coast [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2004

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The town of Curston is hit with a dastardly crime spree: fires¸ thefts¸ even vicious attacks. All the clues point to one suspect: Kellach and Driskoll's dad¸ Torin. But the Knights are convinced Torin has been framed. Deep in the Dungeons of Doom¸ a terrifying creature holds the key to proving Torin's innocence. Can the Knights find the creature before Torin is sent to prison . . . or worse? Sign of the Shapeshifter continues a new series of adventures written specifically for readers ages 8 and up. Sized to fit young hands¸ the series follows the adventures of three children who¸ through their heroic deeds¸ become members of the Order of the Knights of the Silver Dragon. This opportunity will be extended to readers of the series as well through the Knights of the Silver Dragon Club. Young readers are encouraged to join and participate in the club¸ and in turn they will receive free giveaways¸ special correspondence¸ and other benefits. Fans will also be encouraged to interact with the club through an exclusive member area on

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