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Liao Incursion

Produkttyp: Miniaturen ¸ Booster für [MechWarrior-Dark Ages]

Sprache: Deutsch

Verlag: WizKids [HP] FanPro [HP]

Preis: 10 Euro (ca. Preis, unverbindlich, ggf. gerundet)

Erstveröffentlichung: 2003

Rezension: vorhanden! [Ansehen]

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Die neueste Mechwarrior-Boostererweiterung Liao Incursion bringt eine der beliebtesten Fraktionen des MechWarrior-Universums ins Spiel: Haus Liao. Liao Incursion erweitert das Spiel darüber hinaus mit einem neuen Spielmechanismus: den Regimentsfähigkeiten (Fanatismus¸ . Dazu gibt es neue Veteranen-Mechs¸ neue Artillerieeinheiten und neue Hubschrauber. Noch mehr Spielaktion und Abwechslung also für unsere stärkste Wizkids- Serie. Die Serie besteht aus 124 verschiedenen Figuren! Vorschau:
Im August erscheint die neue Erweiterung Liao Incursion. Mit dem Haus Liao kommt eine der beliebtesten Fraktionen des MechWarrior-Universums ins Spiel. Liao Incursion erweitert das Spiel darüber hinaus mit einem neuen Spielmechanismus: die Fraktionsfähigkeiten (Fanatismus¸ Ehrfurcht und Unbarmherzigkeit). Dazu gibt es neue Veteranen-Mechs¸ neue Artillerie und neue Hubschrauber.

Liao Incursion is the newest expansion to the MechWarrior collectable miniatures game. This new expansion introduces one of the most popular houses of the MechWarrior universe to the Dark Age: House Liao. Incursion also introduces a new game mechanic - regimental abilities - to the field. Included are additional veteran ‘Mechs¸ new artillery¸ and new VTOLs. Each figure stands on a unique combat dial with all the information needed to play. Rules for the game are included in the MechWarrior: Dark Age Starter Set¸ and are also available for free online.

Trade with your friends and collect all 124 different figures available in MechWarrior: Liao Incursion!

* 4 MechWarrior Miniatures¸ painted and assembled (1 Mech¸ 1 Vehicle¸ and 2 Infantry)

Tactics and Secrets: A two-capacity¸ well-armed transport for all your infantry-dropping needs! For about one-sixth of a standard game point total¸ you too can reap the benefits of a highly mobile¸ energy weapon – equipped harassing transport. Whether it’s dropping off infantry where they’re needed or heating up ’Mechs¸ the Shun Transport is sure to find a good home in your battleforce. The featured Stormhammers unit includes Pulse and Improved Targeting¸ which should make it especially helpful in covering any dropped-off units until you position them where you want them. Add in Decoy and you have one versatile VTOL.

Dear Jean¸ I almost didn’t come back this time. The fighting on {deleted} was beyond anything I thought I would ever see in my lifetime. I got into the Triarii because I loved the uniform; loved the way it made me feel; loved the way you looked at me as I strutted around. I got to see dozens of worlds in The Republic and always with open arms from people glad to see us. Happy to hear me recite the propaganda I’d been taught so faithfully to regurgitate. A shiny toy soldier on the {deleted} invisible strings. Then {deleted} came and our fancy uniforms didn’t seem so fancy; I’ve not worn a clean one in weeks. As far as I can tell¸ we were on the forefront of an initial {deleted}¸ with the {deleted} striking like the hammer of the gods. Blake’s blood¸ Jean! Joey’s face disappeared right next to me. Karla died twitching in my arms¸ crying for her mom. When the Shun showed up¸ its rotors clawing at the thin atmosphere¸ braving ground fire to evacuate us . . . I’ve never been so happy to see anything in my life. Don’t mean to hurt your feelings¸ but it’s the honest truth. I’ve been put on permanent bed rest for now¸ but there are rumors circulating that every available male will be put back into the fighting. If we can’t push {deleted} back¸ they’ll wash into the rest of {deleted} like a {deleted} plague. Gods¸ I wish I could feel your breath on my cheek right now. Your fingernails scratching the palm of my hand. I only hope I see you before {deleted} washes us all away. I’ll write again when I can. Love¸ Geoff

Design Notes:
The Shun Transport VTOL introduces VTOL transport technology to three new factions (Dragon’s Fury¸ Stormhammers¸ and Liao)¸ increasing their mobility and allowing you to explore some different force combinations. Two units have Evade¸ making it viable to entrust infantry units to them. The Highlanders Shun Transport VTOL¸ complete with both Evade and Heavy Armor¸ should definitely see some play. The Dragon’s Fury variation showcases that faction’s general higher mobility by starting with a 19 speed¸ and is also augmented with Evade.

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