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Marvel X-Men Danger Room Spiel

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Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: WizKids [HP]

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X-Men¸ prepare for battle! Just in time for the summer movie extravaganza comes the Marvel HeroClix X-Men Danger Room Game! The mutants are training¸ and it?s a perfect opportunity to introduce yourself?or a friend?to HeroClix!The Marvel HeroClix X-Men Danger Room Game contains everything you need to enter the world of 3-D superhero combat. Two preconstructed teams and simple rules make learning HeroClix a snap. There are six exclusive X-Men figures in all¸ including Cyclops¸ Jean Grey¸ Angel¸ Beast¸ Colossus¸ and Storm! New 3-D objects and a new full-size map round out the game with updated rules and a new powers and abilities card.The eye-popping diorama of the Marvel HeroClix X-Men Danger Room Game is a showpiece display in its own right. Providing a personal command window over the training exercises of your X-Men¸ it?s a must-have for any X-Men fan! Whether you?re looking to beef up your X-team¸ want to join the exciting HeroClix game¸ or want to introduce your friends to HeroClix¸ training in the Danger Room is the way to go!

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