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Foundation Book 4: Book of the Fantastical

Produkttyp: Grundregeln ¸ Softcover mit 368 Seiten für [Everlasting]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Visionary Entertainment [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2003

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Stand Alone Game System compatible with other Foundation Books

You live in a fantasy world called 21st century Earth. You are not human; you are one of the ancient people. Your kind built great cities that have never been surpassed long before the world flood mentioned in the Bible. You have survived by blending in with humanity or by living separately from it. For you see¸ there are plenty of earthly places mere mortals do not know how to find or travel. Just outside the human cities are great castles¸ vast dungeon complexes¸ dragon lairs¸ dwarven subtropolises¸ aeries of giant eagles¸ and townships of the elven folk. Some humans¸ including a society of roleplaying gamers¸ have become real adventurers¸ joining with elves¸ faerie¸ and dwarves on their expeditions.
Become an elf¸ one of the beautiful ones. You can become a Xeysori (technoelf)¸ one of the Dru Galeeth (dark underground dwellers)¸ one of the Karges (elves of fire and steel)¸ one of the Lethquesti (elven nobles)¸ or one of the Valmori (keepers of mythical beasts). You long to be free of your earthly existence¸ seeking the Bright City of Elanthia¸ but you have a duty -- you must guard against the Doomlands of the North.
Become a dwarf¸ a fearsome descendent of Neanderthal man. Your people have been long divided since many of your best warriors became agents of the Princes of Fire (chaos) and the Lords of Stone (order). You can join them or serve as one of the Hammerguard¸ the Or'Valderis¸ protecting all from those of your people who now serve other causes. Your people have a great advantage; your technology is far superior to that of humankind.
Become a faerie¸ forever trapped in a quixotic reality of your own imagination. You are called 'fey' for you are a powerful¸ extradimensional force¸ forever moving toward some metamorphosis into something even beyond faerie understanding. You can be a red cap who slays humans¸ a storm giant who walks among the storm-filled sky¸ a banshee who travels the realms of the dead¸ a faerie knight adventuring for his queen¸ or anything else you can imagine.
Best yet¸ you can become a dragon¸ one of the ancient races that fathered the first civilizations¸ the creators of the dinosaurs¸ and the destroyers of it all. You can be the most powerful of all the eldritch -- the creature that questers and mythic gods fear. You can walk the earth clothed in human form¸ but you can dracomorph into your ultra deadly true form when dragonslayers come calling.
Join us in the Secret World of modern day earth in this stunning fantasy game called The Everlasting. This fourth of four stand-alone foundation books for The Everlasting covers the fantasy world that we live in. Learn the secrets of magick¸ battle armies of orcs¸ and explore the Doomlands¸ ruled by Zurgoth and the 13 doomlords. By Steven Brown¸ designer on Vampire: The Masquerade¸ and author of the Sabbat¸ Black Hand and many other White Wolf products. See for yourself why people are talking about The Everlasting today!
Contents: It contains basic rules and character creation¸ along with the mysterious and magical aspects of the Secret World. It features dragons¸ elves¸ faerie¸ dwarves¸ and orcs as enemies and as player characters. It also features the Doomlands -- a land north of Canada and roughly the same size. Details cover its dark ruler Zurgoth¸ the many doomlords and the armies of orcs¸ nightmare creatures¸ and other monsters that seek to conquer the earth. It details guidelines for legendmaking¸ roleplaying¸ storytelling¸ gamemasterless options¸ communal characters¸ and much more. It is fully compatible with other foundation books; it even includes basic descriptions of all character types and setting aspects described in full within other foundation books.

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