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Foundation Book 3: Book of the Spirit

Produkttyp: Grundregeln ¸ Softcover mit 320 Seiten für [Everlasting]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Visionary Entertainment [HP]

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Stand Alone Game System compatible with other Foundation Books

You are not human; you are a spirit of the dreamworlds or astra¸ chained to an earthly form. You tread the earth¸ but feel even more at home within the inner realms. You have seen the netherworlds of the demons¸ the dream cities ruled by somnomancers¸ the primordial homelands of the nature spirits¸ the darkest nightmare lands¸ and the alien city¸ Irem¸ home of the djinn.
Become a manitou¸ a totem spirit who possesses a human host¸ changing hosts as the old one dies; as a manitou you shift between human and animal form¸ killing Lovecraftian horrors from an alien planet that seeks to take over the Earth.
Become a gargoyle. You are drawn to mortal sinners like a moth to the flame; you feed on sin¸ passing on a curse of absolution¸ but the sins you take in turn your unfeeling stone into sensual flesh through the memories of lust¸ murder¸ drugs¸ and more. By staring into the Abyss¸ the Abyss stares into you. Your kind must then hunt you down¸ killing your monstrous fleshly body¸ allowing you to resume life again in a new¸ cold and unfeeling simulacrum.
Become one of 'the possessed¸' a person inhabited by one of the ochelum¸ masters of the dreamworlds. Nightmare lords possess good hosts out of their love of corrupting them¸ while dream protectors possess evil people who serve them as expendable pawns. You rule your own realm within the dreamworlds and lesser spirits obey your commands.
Become a djinnee¸ a creature of half-spirit and half-flesh. Your race either escaped to earth or was cast there by the Elder Lords¸ you don't know for sure. You live in a hidden city called Irem where technology and magick exist beyond that known to humanity. Some of your kind are kin to the Great Old Ones and serve them. Your strength and weakness is your emotions¸ which are at least three times as strong as those of humans.
Join us in the Secret World of modern day earth in this stunning fantasy game called The Everlasting. This third of four stand-alone foundation books for The Everlasting covers the spirit world¸ the paranormal¸ and the occult. Learn the secrets of magick¸ battle horrifying alien monsters¸ and explore the dream worlds and astral realms. By Steven Brown¸ designer on Vampire: The Masquerade¸ and author of the Sabbat¸ Black Hand and many other White Wolf products.
Contents: Contains basic rules and character creation¸ along with the mysterious and magical aspects of the Secret World. Includes gargoyles¸ manitou (animal totems joined with human hosts)¸ spirits of many different realms¸ somnomancers (dream-mages)¸ and the possessed (good dream protectors possessing evil expendable hosts and evil nightmare lords possessing good humans they love to corrupt). Features the many spirit worlds and the earthly secret world. Includes guidelines for legendmaking¸ roleplaying¸ storytelling¸ gamemasterless options¸ communal characters¸ dream control¸ and much more. Fully compatible with other foundation books; it even includes basic descriptions of all character types and setting aspects described in full within other foundation books.

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