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Mechagodzilla Plush

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MechaGodzilla is a robot from outer space used by aliens (the Simeons¸ ape-faced creatures from the Third Planet of the Black Hole) to conquer the earth. When it was first unleashed¸ Mechagodzilla was disguised to appear as the Monster King himself. But the skin was torn by the real Godzilla¸ and the Simeons caused it to melt away¸ revealing their ambulatory super-weapon in all its steely glory. Althrough defeated by a combination of Godzilla¸ King Caesar and a commando-like Interpol raid that destroyed the alien base housing the robot's control center¸ the mechanical super-monster is later repaired by the evil aliens. Adding Titanosaurus to its side¸ the monstrous duo is sent on a mission to destroy Japan but was ultimately repelled by Godzilla who burried the robot in the depths of Earth.

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