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Silver Marches

Produkttyp: Quellenmaterial ¸ Softcover mit 160 Seiten für [Forgotten Realms d20] / Vergessene Reiche d20

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Wizards of the Coast [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2002

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The first detailed look at the Silver Marches. This accessory provides a wealth of highly detailed information about one of the most popular regions of the Forgotten Realms world. In addition to new spells¸ monsters¸ magic items¸ and prestige classes native to the region¸ Silver Marches also includes a poster map and many detailed adventure sites.

1: THE LAY OF THE LAND -- Major features inside the Silver Marches¸ including some locales never before detailed. such as the Arn Forest¸ the Druarwood¸ the Rauvin Vale¸ and the Vordrorn Forest. Also covers some bordering areas¸ such as the Evermoors¸ the Frost Hills¸ the High Forest¸ and the Ice Mountains.
2: EXPLORING THE WILDS -- Discusses flora and fauna¸ provides detailed wilderness encounter charts for the various regions of the Silver Marches¸ and weather charts and effects.
3: CITIES OF THE SILVER MARCHES -- More info on Silverymoon¸ Sundabar¸ Citadel Felbarr¸ Citadel Adbar¸ Deadsnows¸ Everlund¸ Mithral Hall¸ Quaervarr¸ and Newfort. We've finally got a map of Everlund and a description of the city's Council of Elders.
4: THE PEOPLE OF THE SILVER MARCHES -- Info on what life is like here¸ including economy¸ defense and warcraft¸ standing armies and militias¸ and the Uthgardt tribes.
5: POLITICS & POWER -- History of the confederation¸ discussion of key enemies.
6: HEROES OF THE NORTH -- Six prestige classes particularly useful in the North¸ including the giant killer¸ hordebreaker¸ orc scout¸ peerless archer¸ knight-errant of Silverymoon¸ and wild scout.
7: MONSTERS OF THE MARCHES -- Some monsters useful for the area¸ including animals (deer¸ elk¸ red tiger)¸ branta¸ giant ravens¸ rock wyrms¸ and snowcloaks.
8: ADVENTURES IN THE NORTH -- Several detailed adventure sites ready to play. Includes a People of the -- Black Blood stronghold¸ Dead Orc Pass¸ an evil sorcerer's tower¸ and a extended adventure set in and around Deadsnows.

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