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Red Steel Campaign Setting (2nd)

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Campaign Setting. Zwei Regelbücher¸ drei Farbkarten¸ Audio CD

Red Steel. An extraordinary metal lighter than common steel¸ and more precious than gold. The object of quests and the cause of war. Only one place holds this treasure: The Savage Coast. This grand frontier is also home to the Red Curse¸ an ancient bane that hideously deforms some victims¸ while mysteriously granting powers to others. Here¸ player characters can acquire wondrous abilities¸ even as they seek to garner red steel¸ the key to power and fame
Inside this box:
* Campaign Book¸ 128 pages.
* Lands of the Savage Coast¸ 32 pages.
* 3 poster maps
* An audio CD with adventure sounds.

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