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Dragonlance: The Fifth Age

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Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: TSR * [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 1996

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NOW MORE THAN EVER¸ THE WORLD NEEDS HEROES. A generation ago¸ the War with Chaos heralded a new age for the world of Krynn - the Age of Mortals. Just as the shattered land of Ansalon had begun to recover¸ a new threat from across the sea descended upon the populace: the Great Dragons. Larger and more fierce than any wyrms ever to battle in the wars of past ages¸ these beasts have brought terrible oppression to the land they now claim. Humans and elves¸ dwarves and centaurs¸ minotaurs and kender all suffer under their shadow. But the FIFTH AGE is not without its heroes. Born of myriad races¸ these valiant souls found inspiration in legends of the heroes of yore. They now take up sword and lance¸ master an almost forgotten primordial magic¸ and harness the untold energies of the human heart to defend their people from the dragon lords of Ansalon. DRAGONLANCE: FIFTH AGE is an all new role-playing game that builds on the foundation of the best-selling novel Dragons of Summer Flame¸ by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. The game features the unique SAGA dramatic adventure rules¸ designed to reproduce the sweeping romance and fantastic epics of the DRAGONLANCE tradition. The FIFTH AGE game contains: Book of the FIFTH AGE¸ 128 pages detailing the SAGA rules¸ a new narrative game system that emphasizes roles over rules and gives players more game control. Dusk or Dawn¸ 96 pages introducing the Ansalon of the FIFTH AGE. Heroes of a New Age¸ a 48-page introductory dramatic adventure. The Fate Deck¸ 82 colorful cards that govern all aspects of game play. A full-color poster map of Ansalon at the dawn of the FIFTH AGE. 18 character cards featuring the greatest heroes and villains of the FIFTH AGE¸ plus a pre-generated party of heroes. The challenge is upon all of us!

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