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Avengers in Lankhmar

Produkttyp: Abenteuer ¸ Softcover mit 56 Seiten für [Lankhmar]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: TSR * [HP]

Preis: unbekannt

Erstveröffentlichung: 1995

Rezension: keine vorhanden

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OVERLORD'S PROCLAMATION WHEREAS G. Gildeket¸ Guildmaster of the Merchants' Constortium¸ was murdered in her home on the 13th day of June¸ 695¸ by one Elad Edals¸ said Edals being described as six feet in height¸ 31 years of age¸ with light complexion¸ brown hair¸ brown eyes¸ and a violent disposition; and WHEREAS said Edals¸ having fled the scene of his crims¸ eluded a manhunt in the Hlal Forest¸ causing more wrongful deaths in the process¸ and now reaminsa fugitive at large; and WHEREAS said Edals has aggressively stated his intent to return to Lankhmar and murder M. Kollinar¸ who now holds the seat of Guildmaster of the Merchants' Constortium; THEREFORE¸ know ye¸ that I¸ Orion Kistomerces¸ Overlord of the City of Lankhmar¸ in pursuance of law¸ do hereby offer a reward of FIFTEEN THOUSAND GOLD RILKS for the arrest and conviction of said ELAD EDALS¸ for the crimes above named. IN TESTIMONY WHEROF¸ I have hereunto subscribe my name¸ and caused to be affixed the Great Seal of the City. Done at the Citadel of the Overlord¸ this day of the TURTLE in the month of the LION in the year of the BEHEMOTH. Orion Kistomerces

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