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Newhon (LNA2)

Produkttyp: Abenteuer ¸ Softcover mit 96 Seiten für [Lankhmar]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: TSR * [HP]

Preis: unbekannt

Erstveröffentlichung: 1990

Rezension: keine vorhanden

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It is the year of the Zodac-no-Kara¸ the year of the wizards' champions. Once every 140 years¸ the search for grand and glorious magical items is called¸ and adventurers from far and wide convene to participate in the hunt. This year¸ though...this year is even more exciting than the last. Newhon's already-sparse magic is being leached from the land itself. Powerful magical items are being misused¸ and Aarth has called for the bravest and most daring adventurers to collect these items and return them to him for safe-keeping. Those who accept this quest will travel from one end of Newhon to the other¸ and even beyond¸ into the realm of Shadowland. They will be tested by cold¸ heat¸ water¸ and ice. Their rewards will be great - should they survive to collect. Is your party worthy of the Zodac-no-Kara? Take the test of the riddles¸ and find out.

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