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Book of Familiars

Produkttyp: Quellenmaterial ¸ Buch mit 180 Seiten für [D20-System]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Troll Lord Games [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2002

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Troll Lord Games präsentiert mit dem ‘Book of Familiars’ einen Quellenband über alles¸ was so hilfreich um einen Charakter rumkreuchen und fleuchen kann. Hier erfährt man alles über den Ursprung¸ die Werte und Kräfte der tierischen oder mythischen Verbündeten. Der Band enthält Familiare für Wizards¸ Sorcerer¸ Druiden and Kleriker - kann aber auch als Anregung für Kämpfer¸ Paladine und Waldläufer dienen.

This book answers all those questions for familiars and animal companions that might arise during play; where do familiars come from¸ how are they acquired¸ what are their stats¸ what are their powers. This book includes stats on familiars for Wizards¸ Sorcerers¸ Druids and Clerics but also includes extensive reference to those animal companions used by Fighters¸ Paladins¸ Rangers such as the Unicorn¸ Holy steeds¸ and saber toothed tigers. A must have for all DMs and players alike. The Book of Familiars brings together a host of talented writers and artists to bring you a new ground-breaking look at the eleven core classes. Herein we expand the horizons of familiars and have developed a fully functional¸ well balanced approach for each character class to gain a familiar or animal companion. Within you will find: *A host of familiars and Companions¸ some old¸ some new¸ but all brought to you in a standard¸ usable format. *A plethora of new Feats which gradually introduce familiars¸ animal companions or symbiotes of varying power to the game. Includes feats such as “Summon Greater Familiar.” *Blends in with ease. All the rules and mechanics of integrating the character’s familiars into any ongoing campaign. Much care has been taken to balance a character’s acquisition of any “companion” with the existing rules. *Expand you character’s powers in new unheard of directions! Each familiar or companion brings its patron new abilities or enhances old ones. These are covered in every detail. *Learn to harness the powers and abilities of the Symbiotes. In the natural world there are those creatures that live on the blood and tears of others. In the Book of Familiars you learn to master these creatures¸ bending their wondrous powers to your will. There are seven types of symbiotes to chose from: elemental¸ ether¸ fungus¸ psychic¸ sectal¸ secular¸ or wurm. *Introducing the ritual magic of the Guilds of Erde! Upon this war ravaged world eldritch powers grant the initiates with undreamt of allies. The Cult of the Swords. The Crna Ruk and much much more. *A detailed index listing all new and relevant magic Items¸ spells and companion specific allies.

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