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Castle Zagyg I: Yggsburgh

Produkttyp: Quellenmaterial ¸ Hardcover mit 240 Seiten für [Castles&Crusades]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Troll Lord Games [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2005

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Beneath the shadows of the ancient¸ dreaded Castle Zagyg stands the fortified town of Yggsburgh. Its stout walls and cobbled ways give ample refuge to those bold and worthy adventurers who come to the Four Tors to plunder the dungeon deeps of the Mad Mage. Beyond the protective covering of the town’s walls and the deep waters of the Urt and Nemo Rivers¸ lie a vast rolling countryside from the Glittering Knobs¸ the Uplands to the Lonely Valley. Enter the environs of that most dread of magi¸ test your mettle and make ready for the heroes forge that is Castle Zagyg! The book you hold in your hands is the Setting for the famed Castle Zagyg¸ the monstrous dungeons of which are detailed in the following six volumes of this series. More than a Campaign Setting! This book consists of the town of Yggsburgh and its Environs¸ which include the town of Garham and 60 different geographic locales¸ each with their own peculiarities and adventures. The map charts over 1500 square miles of adventuring terrain¸ allowing the inclusion of Yggsburgh and Environs into almost any fantasy campaign setting. Each geographic locale has one or more adventures associated with it¸ offering hundreds of different plots¸ themes and escapades¸ players can take their characters on.

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