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Gary Gygax's Storehouse District

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2008

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The Storehouse District of the Free Town of Yggsburgh contains warehouses¸ residences¸ shops¸ services¸ and five major Guild Halls. Here dwell a mix of Yggsburgh's working class: artisans¸ tradesmen¸ laborers and not a few of the criminal underclass. Visit the River Rat Tavern¸ where rough rivermen¸ ne'er-do-wells¸ doxies¸ and thieves dwell. Also nestled within this district of clustered brick and stone buildings is the Outland Temple of Andvari¸ where dwarves¸ gnomes¸ and halflings congregate. Interesting characters populate the Storehouse District¸ such as the diabolical Dalbid Yeerouf¸ the eccentric half-elf¸ Jackdaw Gooseberry¸ the mysterious child¸ Darlene Vale¸ and the enchanting thief¸ Melanie Hogan. Indeed¸ the Storehouse District is more than its mere name suggests -- it is a distinct and integral component of the Free Town of Yggsburgh¸ filled with plot¸ intrigue¸ and interesting characters.

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