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Heart of Glass

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The Sea Towns sprawl along the coastal region until their streets and alleys intermingle and none could say where one leaves off and the other begin. The streets are narrow¸ the markets kept small if plentiful¸ and alleys twist and wound their ways between hosts of rickety buildings. As for the buildings¸ they range from one to three stories high¸ but some were scrap the sky with six floors. Alleys twist upon the rooftops as the buildings crush together in the tight confines of the coastal plain. The whole landscape is a dark twisted forest of tunneled streets¸ alleys¸ homes¸ arches¸ shops and markets. This is the Heart of Glass. The 'Heart of Glass' is a dark adventure that pits the party against thieves¸ assassins and other denizens of the night. It takes place in the back alleys and abandoned neighborhoods of the Sea Towns of Ihlsa. There¸ amidst the twisted¸ jumbled streets of the Three Cities¸ one can buy anything¸ or anybody¸ for a price. The party must penetrate this reclusive world¸ and unravel its mysteries in order to upset the plans of Malcom of Helliwell and retrieve the magical artifact which he so ardently desires. The adventure takes place in the Sea Towns of Ihlsa: Ra-veen¸ Nochi and Capayrnha. Portions of each town are detailed¸ including economy¸ government¸ persons of note¸ guilds¸ and places of interest. The adventure¸ the events surrounding the magical Heart of Glass¸ provides a backdrop to the towns¸ and serves to introduce both the CK and Players to what should develop into a fun and robust setting that offers many nights of enjoyment and play. 'Heart of Glass' is a C&C adventure setting for fantasy role play. The module is designed for a group of 3-6 characters of levels 4-6.

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