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Carnage Screen: The Battle Master's Game Screen

Produkttyp: Spielhilfe ¸ PDF für [Battle Master]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: SSDC [HP]

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This Game Screen contains all the tables used by BMs everywhere. The outside of the screen features the critical hits table¸ ranges¸ attack matrix and others the players use often. The inside contains a wealth of tables for the Battle Master¸ including combat formulas¸ malfunctions¸ grenade rules¸ and of course another critical hits table!. The 16 page mini-adventure will detail the rules and prizes in the Alliances highest rated game¸ Survival Warrior. Can your PCs survive the various terrains and nasty surprise laid out by the game show host and the viewers at home. 3 Panel screen with 16 page booklet

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