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Fantasy Imperium

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2007

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Fantasy Imperium is an Interactive Storytelling Game (ISG) of Historical Fantasy set in Medieval Europe. Skills & Professions - Create any kind of character¸ such as a wine merchant that makes enchanted wines¸ a siege engineer¸ a spice merchant¸ a fortuneteller¸ a weaver that makes enchanted tapestries¸ a herald speaking a dozen languages¸ a begger dabbling in Black Magick¸ or anyone else you can imagine! Fast Combat - Detailed system with hit location tables¸ combat maneuvers for different styles of fighting and over 500 weapons and armour to choose from¸ with their availability determined by the time and location when they came into general use. Forbidden Skills - 13 disciplines of Magick with over 500 spells. Anyone may practice Magick if they are willing to risk burnout¸ insanity or demon possession. Spiritual Warfare - The war between Good & Evil is a reality. Fallen Angels & Evil Spirits try to destroy one's soul¸ while Heavenly Angels & the Intercession of the Saints assist mankind. Siege warfare¸ firearms¸ dream warfare¸ psychic combat¸ & more!

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