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Produkttyp: Quellenmaterial ¸ Softcover mit 132 Seiten für [Cursed Empire]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Spartans Unleashed [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2005

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The Darkun is an ultra evil religious zealot who's life expectancy is 23 for a human. Players create these characters to ensure they die with glory for their temple. Players progress a faction not an individual through the Points of Renown (tm) system. With Darkuns anything goes¸ even if it means killing off your own party for the mission. Body art and tatoos play an important role here as players can 'relive' the history of a Darkun encountered through the designs and elaboration of their tattoos. The introduction of Darkuns into any game throws a heavy spiked spanner into the works of conventional gaming. This is the first supplement for the Cursed Empire(tm) Dark Fantasy Role-Playing Game. The Darkuns(tm) were briefly introduced in the Main Sourcebook and are developed here in far more detail. Here is just some of what you get:
*Darkun Origins/Darkun Rites
*Darkun Subfactions and their Interaction (including a complete interaction chart)
*Darkun Tattoos and Symbols
*Darkun Units (Battle Group¸ Death Commando¸ Tarbathtm¸ Vandraktm¸ Decoy¸ Slayer etc.)
*Darkun Hierarchy
Additional Rules:
*New Player Character Races: Rlisha and Centaurs
*New Classes: Companions¸ Servants and Darkun Subclasses
*New Aptitudes (including a complete set of the new Player Character Sheets)
*New Combat Rules: Hand-2-Hand Combination Attacks
*New Darkun Weapons (Cobra Fang¸ Scorpion Sting¸ Shard Blade¸ Staff of Pain etc.)
*Additional Poison Rules
*New Darkun Magic: Spells (Temple Wrath¸ Darkun Bloodpact etc.) and Magic Objects (Tarbath Rally Horn¸ Death Mask etc.)
*Cults: Code¸ Orders and Developing new Factions/Subfactions
*Mental Health: Indoctrination effects on Sanity/Nightmare Effects on Spellcasters
*6 New Creatures (Temple Blade¸ Darkun Berserker¸ Temple Pillar Elemental etc.) with complete detailed Creature Character Sheets.
*Master of Tales (MTtm) Section: how to roleplay Darkuns.
*Fire Temple of Morgtm Game Aid (Maps¸ Temple Structure etc.)
*2 Complete Scenarios Forming the Basis of a campaign: Blood Runs Thicker Than Water & Reap The Whirlwind Part 1.

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