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Awful Green Things From Outer Space

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Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Steve Jackson Games [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2000

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The crew of the exploration ship ZNUTAR just wanted to cruise around the Galaxy¸ discovering strange new worlds and playing pool. But then their ship was invaded by the Awful Green Things . . . and suddenly they were fighting for their lives!In this wacky two-player game¸ one player controls the Awful Green Things. They grow and multiply every turn... especially if they can gobble up a crew member! The other player commands the crew¸ frantically trying weapon after weapon (pool sticks¸ fire extinguishers¸ cans of Zgwortz) in hope of finding something that kills the monsters.This great game was created by Tom Wham. It first appeared in Dragon Magazine¸ and was later released as a boxed game from TSR. When they let it go out of print¸ SJ Games picked it up! This edition includes Tom´s ´´Outside the Znutar´´ rules and counters¸ for going out the airlocks and fighting on the surface of the ship.

A board game for two-player¸ that involves a starship which has been infested by the Awful Green Things. The crew¸ not-too-bright representatives of a conglomerate of spacefaring planets¸ must either defeat the Awful Green Things or escape¸ hopefully blowing up the ship in the process. The Awful Green Things¸ on the other hand¸ have one goal: to eat the crew. Each character has three ratings: movement¸ stamina¸ and hit power; movement determines how far he can move¸ stamina how many hits he can take each turn - for stamina regenerates at the end of a turn if the piece is not killed - and hit power how many hits the character does in weaponless combat. Players alternate turns¸ moving all¸ some¸ or none of their pieces¸ and the first to reach the winning conditions wins.

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