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Car Wars: Edition Deluxe

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Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Steve Jackson Games [HP]

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Car Wars is the game of combat on the freeways of the not too distant future. Choose your vehicle -- complete with armor¸ power plant¸ suspension¸ even body style -- then take it out on the road. You"ll come home an "ace" or you"ll crash and burn. If you survive¸ your abilities will improve¸ and you can accumulate money to buy bigger and better cars. Advanced rules let you design your own cars¸ cycles¸ three-wheelers¸ vans¸ trucks¸ 18-wheel tractor-trailer rigs¸ buses¸ boats¸ hovercraft¸ even helicopters! Car Wars -- Deluxe Edition includes a 144-page rulebook¸ the Car Wars Compendium¸ for building¸ arming¸ and driving your own vehicles; full combat rules¸ including an introductory "quick start" version; and all the skills you need to create your own "autoduellist" character. Here are all the rules from the original Car Wars game and many of its supplements¸ edited and reorganized¸ plus sections on off-road travel¸ gas engines¸ jumping and falling¸ and more! Car Wars -- Deluxe Edition also gives you hundreds of full color counters¸ a giant 32" x 42" map of the fortress town of Midville¸ a 21" x 32" map of a fortified truck stop of 2048¸ a 21" x 32" map of the Double Drum Arena¸ improved road sections (straight and curved) two "turning keys" that make maneuvering easy¸ and a 4" x 7" ziplock bag for counters. Car Wars has been named to the "ten Best Games of the Year" by Omni Magazine. It won the Origins Award for Best Science Fiction Game¸ and has several times made the Games Magazine "Games 100" list!

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