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Magic (2nd Ed.)

Produkttyp: Quellenmaterial ¸ Buch mit 128 Seiten für [GURPS]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Steve Jackson Games [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 1989/1993

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Sorcery¸ Thaumaturgy¸ The Black Art¸ Necromancer¸ Alchemy or the Great Art. By any name¸ arcane knowledge brings great power to its possessor . . . for good or for evil. This book is the complete guide to magic for the Generic Universal RolePlaying System. GURPS Magic presents a colorful¸ detailed magic system. But it's much more. It is designed for easy modification . . . for the GM who wants to create his own background¸ or set adventures in the world of his favorite fantasy author. And it's flexible. Players can create any sort of wizard character they choose¸ from eager apprentice to mad hermit¸ from saintly healer to sinister necromancer. This book is completely compatible with the magic rules in the GURPS Basic Set. It amplifies the material there¸ as well as adding more than 300 new spells! Also included are a complete system for improvisational magic¸ optional rules for 'inherent' magic abilities¸ special advantages and disadvantages for mages¸ and a system to let the GM create his own unique types of clerical magic.

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