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Atomic Horror (2nd Edition)

Produkttyp: Quellenmaterial ¸ Softcover mit 128 Seiten für [GURPS]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Steve Jackson Games [HP]

Preis: 10 Euro (ca. Preis, unverbindlich, ggf. gerundet)

Erstveröffentlichung: 1993/2001

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Out of print for years¸ this old favorite returns as part of the Summer of Horror ... Alien Invaders! Giant lizards from another age! Flesh-eating zombies! Colossal insects! Mad scientists! Blobs! Only you can defend humanity¸ civilization¸ and the American Way from these horrors. This book contains everything you need to roleplay the sci-fi and horror movies of the 1950s. The campaign can be as scary as The Thing¸ as dramatic as The Day The Earth Stood Still¸ as strange as Little Shop of Horrors or as goofy as Plan 9 From Outer Space - the choice is yours. GURPS Atomic Horror brings you all the fun¸ excitement¸ and adventure of some of the greatest (and some of the very worst) adventure films of all time!

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