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Produkttyp: Roman ¸ Taschenbuch für [Ironclaw]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Sanguine Productions [HP]

Preis: 16 Euro (ca. Preis, unverbindlich, ggf. gerundet)

Erstveröffentlichung: 2002

Rezension: keine vorhanden

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The life of a bounty hunter is never easy¸ and Danica is certainly noexception. When she's offered a job that promises big rewards¸ she has no choice but to accept. However¸ her quarry is in her old hometown of Triskellian¸ a city where old ghosts and buried memories call to her from the shadows.

But conquering her past is not the only thing Danica must face; the once-powerful city-state of Calabria is in the middle of a political upheaval. The ruling family of foxes has been slaughtered¸ and everyone¸ friends and enemies alike¸ are on the lookout for the sole survivor and inheritor¸ Fabrizio.

With trouble in the city¸ Danica's job suddenly becomes that much harder. Staying focused on finding her bounty is not so simple¸ when every clue she finds about her prey's whereabouts seem to lead her further into the middle of the political tangle. As she gets drawn deeper and deeper into Triskellian's troubled present¸ her own past refuses to stay buried¸ and Danica quickly discovers that honor¸ once lost¸ is nearly impossible to regain.

Sanguine Productions Ltd. is proud to announce their new line of fiction books. The line will have three divisions in it currently. The first will be a series of novellas based on the Ironclaw game world. The second will be a series of similarly marketed collected anthologies¸ also based on the Ironclaw world. These two series will be the models for other new lines of fiction based on the game environments designed by Sanguine Productions Ltd. The third is a completely unrelated line of Anthropomorphic fiction.

The first book scheduled for release is the first of four novellas written by Ted MacKinnon. This title will be released at Further Confusion in California¸ in January of 2002. More information will be available in October.

All books will be digest sized. Novellas will run approximately 128 to 160 pages and retail for under $10.00. The Short Story Anthologies will be approximately 320 pages in length and cost under $13.00. The Independent fiction series will vary in size. Current works being written are approximately 300+ page sin length and will retail for less than 13.00. Each book will have a full color cover with a B&W interior. Each chapter will be illustrated and there will be maps provided in all books. 128 pages¸ 8 B&W Illustrations

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