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Last Exodus

Produkttyp: Grundregeln ¸ Buch für [Last Exodus] / Der Letzte Exodus

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Synister Creative Systems [HP]

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The Last Exodus RPG' heisst der neue Titel von Synister Creative Systems der für $15 in einer alternativen Welt im Jahre 2000. Ein neuer Messias wurde 1980 geboren und nun ziehen die neuen Apostel durch die sterbende¸ kriegsgepeinigte Welt. Die einzige Hoffnung ist Eden¸ das göttliche Paradis. Spieler übernehmen die Rolle eines Messias oder Antichrist und versuchen die alte Welt in eine Welt nach ihren Vorstellungen zu wandeln.

In 1980¸ the new Messiah was born¸ a Muslim girl in Yugoslavia. In 1995¸ she was executed during the ethnic cleansing of a small Croatian town. In 1999¸ priests and prophets scrambled to awaken her brothers and sisters¸ before it was too late. It is the year 2000. On the eve of the new Millennium¸ the Earth died quietly as millions rejoiced. The New Apostles- twelve individuals¸ each one a child of God- learned the true fate of our world: eternal stagnation¸ never-ending insignificance in the cosmic scheme¸ and the death of the human spirit. Still¸ there is hope for salvation. Eden - a paradise of unending possibility¸ the source of mankind's dreams and nightmares¸ where our souls live unfettered among the clouds in glittering¸ hi-tech metropoles and endless verdant wilderness. It's where we truly come from¸ where we truly belong - and a few of us will go back. By right of your consecrated lineage¸ you may chose who. You are a Messiah. You are an Antichrist. You have joined the Last Exodus to walk in the footsteps of Mohammed¸ Moses¸ Buddha or Christ. As you are faced with the task of leaving the old world behind in favor of the new kingdom¸ you must ask yourself the most important question: Who will you save?

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