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Blood and Space: d20 Starship Adventure Toolkit

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2003

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A comprehensive starship adventure sourcebook designed to supplement or extend any of the popular d20 space based role-playing games. Blood and Space contains extensive rules for starship construction¸ combat¸ and crews as well as new classes¸ feats¸ and skills for space based adventures.

Inside you will find:
* New Core and Prestige Class:
(10 new core classes: Doctor¸ Engineer¸ Haulers¸ Hotshot¸ Marine¸ Mercenary¸ Starship Pilot¸ Starship Officr¸ Scientist¸ and Smuggler.)
(6 new prestige classes: Colonial Marine¸ Contact Specialist¸ Marine Commander¸ Pirate Captain¸ and Starship Commander.)
* New Feats and Skills:
New and modified space themed skills and feats¸ including a collection of starship piloting and item creation feats.
* New Personal Equipment:
A sampling of personal equipment for characters as well as optional rules for starship trading.
* Starship Construction:
A detailed system for constructing starships and bases¸ including rules for hulls¸ star drives¸ defense systems¸ weapons systems¸ and on-board faculties.
* Starship Crews:
A flavorful system for managing crew quality¸ actions¸ and advancement.
* Starship Combat:
A complete system for strategic space combat¸ including rules for natural hazards such as black holes¸ asteroids¸ planets¸ and more.
* Sample Ships:
Also included are 10 pre-made ships¸ each on its own 8.5x11 page¸ complete with an illustration¸ and ready for adventure!

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