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Ave Caesar

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Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Asmodee [HP]

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Milan Spiele
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Was the cry uttered by crowds visiting the Circus Maximus in 500 BC. In the yearly holidays¸ of which there were over 200¸ the roman population gathered in this prestigious arena to watch the incredible chariot races.With the reedition of this classic game¸ players can now recapture the spirit of the races by taking part in a three lap race.Drawing from their cards¸ players try to out-race one another and finish first¸ vying for the adulation of the masses and recognition from the Emperor himself.Each player has three cards in hand¸ which allow him to move a certain distance on the board¸ but knowing that these cards will barely be able to see him through the race¸ and that he WILL have to slow down in order to pay hommage to the Emperor¸ the compition to finish will be hard..After a few races¸ the player with the most laurels wins the tournament¸ the adoration of the masses and will be remembered as a colosseum legend.

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