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Mexican Train: Number Domino Set Deluxe

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Verlag: Puremco

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The newest¸ easiest and best way to play Mexican Train¸ Chickenfoot and all your favorite domino games. Once you have played with Number Dominoes you will never play with Dots or Pips again. They are easy to see across the table and easy to add when scoring. This is our Premier set and can be used for both Mexican Train and Chickenfoot. Includes the rules for both games and 6 other popular games. It has a dual-use 50-page score pad¸ an electronic dual-sound centerpiece with a train sounder and a rooster sounder for both games¸ and 9 glitter-colored train markers. 91 Double 12 Professional¸ Number Dominoes with Jumbo Colored Numerals. It´s got it all. Everything stores inside this new¸ train-shaped collector´s tin.

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