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The Compendium of Universal Knowledge

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2007

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This encylopedia is a comprehensive guide to Jack Vance’s Dying Earth tales and the Dying Earth roleplaying game. It includes reliable information on everything that has ever existed. It details all the major people¸ places¸ creatures and phenomena within the Dying Earth and also offer the expansions¸ speculations and comments of other contributors¸ as well as asides into the Vancean oeuvre. For the Dying Earth roleplaying game¸ the Compendium includes more than two hundred adventure seeds¸ game statistics for eighty creatures¸ more than a dozen spells and cross references to all our other publications. The Compendium is lavishly illustrated¸ with beautiful maps. When you are not pouring over its pages¸ its sturdy frame will add character to your bookshelf.

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