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Marshal's Handbook

Produkttyp: Grundregeln ¸ Buch für [Deadlands]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Pinnacle Entertainment Group [HP]

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Das neue Regelbuch für den Spielleiter

Being a Marshal"s a tough job. Keeping a posse of smart-mouthed¸ pistol-packing¸ monster-hunting heroes in line can drive any hombre to an early grave. But don"t worry¸ we"re here to help. This handy new book is the sidearm you need to have by your side to lay down the law on those ornery cowpokes. The Marshal"s Handbook is the gamemaster"s guide to the world of DeadlandsTM: The Weird WestTM. It tells you how to rope those broncos into your adventures and keep "em on the run from the insidious horrors of the Weird West. This book is packed with all the handy rules you need to strike an intrepid posse insane with fear¸ stop a foolhardy huckster dead in his tracks¸ and drive an almost-mad scientist straight over the edge. It"s also got a whole passel o" nasty critters to throw at those do-gooders¸ all drawn up in living--well¸ undead--color. Plus¸ stick around for the lowdown on the best ways to torment those heroes who just won"t stay dead--the Harrowed--and find out exactly what those manitous squirming around in their rotten insides are up to. If you"re good¸ we might even tell you what the Reckoners are up to and give you a guided tour of their horrific handiwork throughout the Weird West. And because we have a hankerin" for fresh meat¸ we"ve included an all-new adventure--Comin" "Round the Mountain--to get you started down that long¸ twisted trail into darkness. The Origins award-winning Deadlands: The Weird West roleplaying game has been extensively revised and expanded--and it"s completely compatible with all existing Deadlands supplements. The Marshal"s Handbook is not a complete game. The Weird West Player"s Guide is also required and should be available wherever you bought this book.

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