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Quintessential 2: Cleric

Produkttyp: Quellenmaterial ¸ Softcover mit 128 Seiten für [D20-System]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Mongoose Publishing [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2004

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A cleric bears arms and a shield in search of adventure but he is no mere soldier questing for treasure. He wields spell but he is no mere enchanter¸ hungry for knowledge¸ in service only to himself. The cleric is a man of god¸ the guardian of his faith and spiritual shepard of the souls of his congregation. The cleric stands undaunted at the gates of eternity¸ wielding mace and spell against the shambling hordes of living death and the numberless legions of the damned. Once he is beyond the early stages of his career¸ the cleric has seen enough and done enough that his holy ideals will be tempered by the realities of mortal existence. This makes the cleric an appealing contradiction¸ a man with unwavering faith in the glories of the existence beyond that waits for all who believe¸ who is also more than familiar enough with the many ways in which the mortals of the living world can hurt and betray one another and the gods above to be a hard-bitten realist. This combination of realist and idealist is at the heart of the cleric class’ character and that is what this book¸ the latest in Mongoose Publishing’s line of character enhancing sourcebooks¸ uses as its thematic base. The Collector’s Series II takes an advanced look at the whole range of class and racial sourcebooks from Mongoose Publishing¸ all designed to greatly widen a player’s options for his character within the d20 games system. More than simple continuations¸ the second series of Quintessential books slot seamlessly into any fantasy-based campaign¸ giving advanced alternatives for characters of one class or race within the game¸ allowing both players and Games Masters the chance to give mid- and high-level characters new options without overpowering or unbalancing the game as a whole. The Collector’s Series II will not necessarily allow players to make their characters even better¸ but they will be able to do a lot more than they ever thought possible Inside the Quintessential Cleric II you will find new tools¸ new rules and new options to help you take your cleric characters to the next level. In the Multiclass Cleric¸ you will be introduced to 10 new ways of building your cleric¸ all modified and enhanced through careful multiclassing. Choose from the templar¸ a mighty holy warrior who spreads his faith with fire and sword¸ or the hermit¸ whose spirit pulses with the rhythm of the natural world. In Paths of Faith¸ you will be given new tools in the form of variant abilities¸ which can be selected by those dedicated enough to focus on one aspect of their training or beliefs. Follow the ways of the healer¸ whose merciful touch can perform miracles¸ or the paragon¸ who seeks to emulate his god exactly in word and deed. In Tricks of the Trade¸ you will gain new tools to enhance your campaign; tools like conversion¸ a new use for the Diplomacy skill which allows your cleric to spread the faith of his campaign to the non-believers; or exorcism¸ a new use for Knowledge (religion) which finally gives you the mechanics you need to directly pit your cleric’s faith against the legions of hell or the hosts of heaven; and rules for turning the holy remains of saints into powerful magical items. In the Prestige Cleric¸ you will discover the joys of martyrdom and learn the secrets of ascending to the ranks of the angels or falling to stand at the right hand of the demon kings of basalt and flame. Plus¸ of course¸ you will find new magic items to craft and quest for and all the inspiration you need to give the clerics of your campaign life.

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