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Quintessential 2: Rogue

Produkttyp: Quellenmaterial ¸ Softcover mit 128 Seiten für [D20-System]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Mongoose Publishing [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2004

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For rogues at the bottom end of the pecking order¸ the greatest reward is to survive to the end of another hand-to-mouth day with a pocket full of pilfered silvers and a bottle of sour wine. Life on the streets is nasty¸ brutish and short¸ with many fish and not enough pond to go round. Few of these ragamuffins and tatterdemalions give much thought to achievement as rogues. For them¸ the issue is one of survival¸ not of possible eventual attainment. They live on the edge¸ taking ever greater risks until one day the net closes and they are left wriggling on the end of a hempen rope.
There are those who disdain this kind of short-sighted thinking. For some¸ the path of the rogue is not just a way to make easy money by taking what is not yours¸ or a path to the respect of your peers¸ who learn not to turn their back on you for fear of what you might do. Those who take a pride in their work¸ who determine to make more of themselves than just another corpse in cheap leather armour who overlooked one trap too many¸ can achieve heights of prestige to which no other class can reach.
For the rogues¸ too¸ have their legends.
These are not necessarily those who have advanced in experience until they have achieved epic heights¸ though their names are indeed remembered and commemorated in whispers. No¸ the true master rogue can be low in level and poor in his pocket; what matters is that he has the imagination¸ the determination and the information to succeed. Choosing his fields of study and practice carefully¸ making sure that his abilities complement one another¸ he is far from being just another jack-of-all-trades with a nasty sneak attack.
The Collector’s Series II takes an advanced look at the whole range of class and racial sourcebooks from Mongoose Publishing¸ all designed to greatly widen a player’s options for his character within the d20 games system. More than simple continuations¸ the second series of Quintessential books slot seamlessly into any fantasy-based campaign¸ giving advanced alternatives for characters of one class or race within the game¸ allowing both players and Games Masters the chance to give mid- and high-level characters new options without overpowering or unbalancing the game as a whole. The Collector’s Series II will not necessarily allow players to make their characters even better¸ but they will be able to do a lot more than they ever thought possible before.
With the help of this sourcebook¸ any character choosing the rogue class will find many alternatives and options expanding his range of abilities. With career paths¸ fighters can customise their advancement and gain special benefits from their chosen branch of training; legendary classes offer a subset and expansion of their skills and character features that may take them to epic levels and beyond. Multiclassing offers a rogue a complement to his abilities¸ giving advice as to how best to integrate two classes¸ while superior tools and accessories ensure that his performance is enhanced to the optimum degree. Tricks of the trade provides a collection of useful information relating to the rogue’s craft¸ while sections on locks and the means of bypassing them bring additional challenge and complexity to this aspect of roguery.
A chapter dedicated to the use of magic gives insights into the use of easily overlooked low-level spells and provides additional magical items for the rogue’s use¸ while the Gizmo is introduced in a later chapter as the last word in rogue equipment. Rackets and confidence tricks are explained and a whole chapter is given over to detailing the role of the bank in a fantasy game world¸ in case a group of rogues feels up to the ultimate challenge of robbing one.
Ironically for a character class that includes so much versatility¸ rogues are all too often pigeonholed into very narrow set roles. This book opens up the field¸ giving a multitude of different ways to pursue the rogue’s path¸ each one enriched by new class combinations and character concepts.

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