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Quintessential 1: Ranger

Produkttyp: Quellenmaterial ¸ Softcover mit 128 Seiten für [D20-System]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Mongoose Publishing [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2003

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The brave outlaw¸ clad in forest-green leathers¸ carrying on a guerrilla rebellion against an unjust King the only way he knows how¸ robbing tax collectors and giving the proceeds to downtrodden peasants. The dedicated tracker and hunter¸ able to follow the faintest¸ oldest trail with ease¸ and bring down the most fearsome game. The fierce raider¸ riding down from the hills to carry off what plunder he can¸ fading into the night once again. The trail-hardened explorer¸ wandering far from civilisation¸ filling in areas of maps which previously said simply¸ ‘Here Be Dragons.’ All these are examples of the ranger¸ one of the most versatile classes within the game. The Quintessential Ranger is a sourcebook that will greatly expand this class¸ turning the ranger from a simple forester and tracker to a fully fleshed out character with as much interest and innovation as the most wily wizard¸ mighty-thewed fighter¸ cunning rogue or avenging cleric.
The ranger is potentially one of the most powerful character classes in the game. He is a good¸ solid combatant¸ but with a far greater array of off-the-battlefield class features than the fighter¸ barbarian or paladin¸ and more skills to boot. He may not have the feats of a fighter or rage of the barbarian¸ but on his own ground¸ in his element¸ there is no-one to match him. He is full of surprises¸ too¸ throwing in a spell here¸ using his preferred combat style to deadly effect there¸ then demonstrating some other unexpected quality before finally just plain enduring through whatever obstacles are placed before him¸ as grimly resolute as the day he set out on his quest.

The last of the core classes to be covered by the Quintessential series¸ but by no means the least¸ the Quintessential Ranger (written by Ian Sturrock) is here at last! The reason for its lateness was primarily the changes we knew were coming for 3.5¸ so we have ensured Ranger fans are getting the very best despite their long wait. Incidentally¸ for the remainder of 2003¸ the Quintessentials will be covering Halflings¸ Half-Orcs¸ Humans¸ Chaos Mages¸ and then we will be doing something a little bit special - more on that a bit later.
The Character Concepts of the Ranger will introduce all your favourite archetypes straight at 1st level¸ as well as deliver a few more esoteric ones. Here we have the Borderer¸ Cattle Rustler¸ Desert Nomad¸ Forester¸ Game Keeper¸ Heir¸ Poacher¸ Prospector¸ Rebel¸ Runner¸ Sailor¸ Savage Scout¸ Caver¸ Sylvan Shadow¸ Boundary Beater¸ Messenger¸ Loner and Pioneer - the latter ones designed for specific races.
The 3.5 Ranger is a lot less 'front-loaded' than it used to be¸ so there should be many more characters around now looking to specialise in one or more aspects of their Ranger training. This is where The Prestige Ranger comes into play¸ and we have a hell of a prestige class for your here - the Animal Champion. At 14 pages¸ it has to be the largest and most well detailed prestige class ever. In fact¸ it is less of a class and more of a journey! However¸ for Rangers looking for something a little less demanding¸ there are also the Briar Archer¸ Green Knight¸ Greenwood Judge¸ Master of the Staff¸ Outlaw and Wild Hunter to experiment with.
Perhaps behind only the Monk and the Sorcerer¸ the Ranger is a character more self-reliant than most and the Tricks of the Trade chapter builds upon this talent. Here Rangers will find additional rules covering the use of Forestry¸ Archery (including extended trick shots)¸ Massed Archery¸ Travelling (different ways and means)¸ and the use of mounts¸ both airborne and otherwise. This is quickly followed by Ranger Feats¸ a chapter designed to enhance and expand a Ranger's repertoire of abilities in his home terrain - a fast favourite of many¸ I think¸ will be the Quick Draw Two-Weapon Bluff¸ though other feats concentrate on favoured enemies and survival techniques.
Tools of the Trade does more than provide a range of new weapons and equipment designed for use in the wild. The benefits of quarterstaffs as weapons and tools are examined¸ as are magic items such as the axe of toiling¸ which will greatly reduce the time the Ranger requires to succeed in certain tasks.
Moving on¸ in more ways than one¸ The Lay of the Land greatly expands on all aspects of wilderness lore¸ from granting a ranger a favoured region (used in place of favoured enemies)¸ advanced tracking¸ counter-tracking¸ hunting¸ ambushing¸ trapping¸ uses the various parts and pieces of captured animals and foraging. There is now nothing a ranger cannot do in his natural environment.
Fellow Travellers takes a look at the various allies a Ranger may acquire in his travels (such as the Fey)¸ and also expands on the range of animal companions available (including a dire mongoose - seems to be getting a regular feature in our publications of late). There are also several new tricks that can be taught to such companions.
Ranger Combat Styles is the next chapter¸ and one that will gain a lot of interest among the wilderness warriors¸ I fancy. These replace a Ranger's normal combat mastery class features¸ and cover Mounted Combat¸ Skirmishing¸ Staff Combat¸ Stamina and Unarmed Combat. Following this¸ 4 pages of new Ranger spells¸ with the likes of Scare Enemies and Nature's Revenge¸ broaden the Ranger's magical talent just a little to provide some interesting variations.
Every Forest a Fortress takes a look at the unique strongholds Rangers are able to construct for themselves¸ from hastily built shelters to immense wooded fortresses that are all but invisible to approaching enemies and yet as defensible as the strongest stone. This chapter focuses on the surrounding terrain and covers how a Ranger may use it to his advantage¸ planting caches¸ hides and sniping posts wherever an enemy may appear.

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