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Quintessential 1: Wizard

Produkttyp: Quellenmaterial ¸ Softcover mit 128 Seiten für [D20-System]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Mongoose Publishing [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2002

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Mongoose Publishing konzentriert sich mit seiner 'Quintessential'-D20-Reihe jeweils auf eine Klasse und imitiert damit die alten 'Alles über...'-TSR- Bände für AD&D. Nach Quintessential Fighter und Rogue erscheint im Mai der Band 'Quintessential Wizard'¸ der alle Informationen über die Klasse 'Wizard' (Zauberer) versammelt und mit neuen Fertigkeiten¸ Pestigeklassen etc. erweitert. 128 Seiten Softcover für 50 DM.

The wise old sage¸ stooped and walking with a staff¸ good-natured and kindly yet terrifying if angered. The lean¸ wily battle wizard¸ festooned with bandoliers of magical throwing daggers and wands. The tribal magician¸ feathered rattle in hand¸ tattoos shimmering with magical force. The vile necromancer¸ lurking in his subterranean lair¸ plotting to rule the land. All these are examples of the wizard¸ the character class without which no game could be considered high fantasy. The Quintessential Wizard is a sourcebook that will greatly expand this class¸ fleshing out the wizard from his typical role as a source of magical artillery to a character with more options and variants than any other in the game.

Of all the character classes depicted within the d20 system¸ the wizard is the most versatile. With reasonably comprehensive spellbooks¸ the wizard can be more dangerous than the fighter¸ more sneaky than the rogue¸ or a better all-rounder than the cleric. Responsibility for the success and even survival of the entire party often rests on the wizard's shoulders - if he wastes a spell or memorizes the wrong one¸ disaster can ensue for the whole group¸ whereas by selecting just the right spell at just the right time he can deal with almost any situation successfully¸ however dire.

With the aid of this sourcebook¸ any character adopting the wizard class will find his options and capabilities greatly expanded into new realms he once only dreamed of. Through the use of character concepts¸ wizards may now be given a complete background and history of how they actually came to be a wizard in the first place. Prestige classes are presented for wizards to aspire to - not many will have the intelligence¸ magical control¸ and sheer persistence to gain the ultimate accolade and become an Arcane Avatar¸ but the rewards are well worth it for those who do. New feats will astonish fellow party members as the wizard manipulates the very nature of magic¸ steals spells from others¸ and creates new sorts of magic item. New weapons¸ robes¸ magic items and equipment provide the wizard with the tools he needs to do his job¸ allowing him to concentrate on his magic without distractions. Every wizard worth his pointy hat will want to create his own arcane nexus to assist him in his spellcasting.

As he gradually becomes more experienced¸ the wizard may take on apprentices¸ using them to take care of the easier chores of magic item creation in exchange for teaching them the magical arts. Almost every experienced wizard will spend at least some time in libraries¸ researching spells¸ techniques¸ and legends; many will begin to assemble their own book collections¸ ranging in size from a couple of book-cases to great sprawling complexes containing several buildings full of tomes. Wizards who get into a lot of combat will find it advisable to recruit a guardian¸ perhaps one of the fabled Bodyguards of the Crimson Shield. Sooner or later most wizards will feel the need for a secure and protected place to perform their research¸ and will construct a tower based on the principles of arcane geometry¸ some in cities¸ others upon or beneath the waves¸ others still atop clouds or volcanoes¸ or even on another plane of existence.

There are¸ indeed¸ very few limits as to what a wizard may achieve throughout his career¸ so long as he keeps his wits about him and is always eager to learn something new. The Quintessential Wizard will take such characters all the way from 1st level to the 20th¸ and beyond.

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