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Produkttyp: Quellenmaterial ¸ Softcover mit 128 Seiten für [Babylon 5 d20]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Mongoose Publishing [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2004

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We are dreamers¸ shapers¸ singers¸ and makers. We study the mysteries of laser and circuit¸ crystal and scanner¸ holographic demons and invocations of equations. These are the tools we employ and we know many things.’ —Elric to Captain Sheridan in Babylon 5: ‘The Geometry of Shadows’ With this line¸ Elric introduces the fans of Babylon 5 to a mysterious organisation known as the techno-mages—the ultimate proof of Arthur C. Clarke’s famous Third Law: ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’ Techno-mages appear¸ even upon careful study¸ to be the futuristic version of wizards. Cloaked¸ casting spells¸ speaking in riddles—the character of Elric could just as easily have been Gandalf or Merlin. In fact¸ who’s to say Merlin himself was not¸ in truth¸ a techno-mage? Perhaps he was...but if so¸ only the techno-mages know for sure. Within these pages¸ the mysterious order of techno-mages is at last introduced to the Babylon 5 roleplaying community. This group adds nothing less than an entire collection of techno-magical characters¸ spells¸ items¸ and technology to the game. However¸ despite appearances¸ the reader must remember that technomancy is not magic. Everything a techno-mage does can be traced back to the filaments of highly advanced technology strung throughout his body. Magic is not something that can be easily taught¸ but takes a lifetime of study to completely master. The life of a techno-mage is a constant struggle to control his destructive impulses and live up to the tenets of his order. The primary focus of this product is towards the use of techno-mages as player characters. However¸ techno-mages are extremely powerful in the Babylon 5 setting. Even a low-level mage can dish out more damage with but a thought than most other characters can even dream about. Thus¸ to keep things balanced¸ mages are physically weak¸ and their ability to cast spells is drastically limited. While indeed powerful¸ a techno-mage is still a living being¸ and can be hurt or killed. Games Masters who worry that techno-mages are too powerful to allow as player characters should strongly consider the various balance factors provided hereafter. Mages must remain in an apprenticeship for at least their first three levels¸ limiting their ability to act independently. Furthermore¸ for as long as the techno-mage order exists¸ he must obey their Code or risk destruction. Thus¸ a techno-mage cannot use his powers for personal gain¸ to wantonly destroy his enemies¸ and the like. A mage should always be a mysterious figure¸ never quite explaining his true purpose¸ always making even his allies wondering what he is really up to¸ and why he is on their side. Techno-mages also make excellent non-player characters. Consider a scenario where the players are enlisted to hunt down a rogue mage¸ or enlist the aid of an unwilling one. What sort of promises would a techno-mage demand in exchange for his aid? How would a rogue¸ facing his own death if he is captured¸ stand up to a determined batch of players? These are but two of the potential uses for mages in a campaign. The possibilities are endless!

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