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Dawn of Destruction

Produkttyp: Quellenmaterial ¸ Softcover mit 64 Seiten für [Lone Wolf]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Mongoose Publishing [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2005

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Adventures in Magnamund are not like those in other worlds. The characters are not the typical self-made adventurers of fantasy gaming¸ seeking their fortunes by wandering the wilderness and selling their swords to strangers. They are Kai Lords¸ Knights of Sommerlund and Brothers of the Crystal Star. They are Buccaneers whose marriage to the sea touches on the supernatural. They are warriors from exotic lands whose rage can work miracles. They are agents of Light following the call of duty into the unknown. They are people who¸ by virtue of their chosen life¸ are forever a part of the epic tales of Magnamund. This game is not for those who wish to loot forgotten tombs or kill bandits for peasant gold. This game is for those who wish to be the heroes¸ and these heroes must be met by a worthy challenge. Adventures for Lone Wolf must be not only epic in scale but also carefully designed to allow mixed groups of characters from all classes. They must have hooks that draw the protectors of Sommerlund and the defenders of light together into battle with those whose souls are born to adventure. The story of a true hero spans subcontinents¸ touching mountains¸ deserts and seas. It tells of how he changed the course of history with his courage and determination. It reveals the passions¸ the pain and the sacrifices that he bore in his struggle against the forces of darkness. No matter how humble his beginnings¸ once he is on the path of the hero he will always be found at the heart of adventure.

Dawn Of Destruction leads by example¸ kick-starting a campaign with an epic quest that fully involves every character class. The first chapter¸ Epic Tales of Magnamund¸ features a treasury of advice on how to bring such heroes together and involve them all in the same ongoing adventures. This advice will help the Players and the Games Master work together to create strong characters whose very essence brings them into a world of danger and intrigue. They will build relationships¸ earn loyalties¸ make enemies and become a part of each other’s lives and each other’s stories. It includes a section on how to maintain suitably epic and noble quests for these particular brands of hero¸ describing some of the most important tropes of the high fantasy genre and how they can be used in the game. Love¸ war¸ sacrifice and glory are just a few of the many challenges the heroes will face on their paths to greatness. This guide brings them all within reach and more besides.

The adventure itself takes place in the magnificent city of Toran¸ the heart of human accomplishment in Sommerlund¸ seat of its most powerful guilds and a symbol of man’s defiant strength in Northern Sommerlund. When horror threatens its mighty walls¸ will those with the blood of heroes take up the challenge? From the roguish Shadaki Buccaneer to the noble Knight of Sommlending¸ Dawn of Destruction is a tale worthy of every kind of hero. Opportunities abound to save innocent lives¸ battle hideous evil¸ face impossible odds and cleave a path of righteous fury through the overwhelming hordes of the Darklords’ taint. The adventure is loaded with information and advice for the Games Master to add variation and depth¸ as well as examples of how to put into practice these ideas and others introduced in the first chapter. More than just a simple quest¸ within these pages he will find the knowledge and inspiration to spark countless even greater adventures. Dawn of Destruction is just the beginning. What follows is limited only by the imagination.

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