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Encyclopedia Arcane: Conjuration

Produkttyp: Quellenmaterial ¸ Softcover mit 64 Seiten für [D20-System]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Mongoose Publishing [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2003

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Conjuration¸ the art of calling something forth from nothing¸ is a magic of infinite potential simply from its very nature. To conjure is to reach past the empty spaces of this world and summon whatever the heart desires from beyond. This kind of power cannot be overstated or underestimated. To master conjuration is to never be alone again¸ to never face a situation without aid. When one can instantly surround himself with protectors¸ one mage becomes an army on demand. Historically¸ conjurers have been often treated with awe¸ reverence¸ and mixture of fear and respect. Unfortunately¸ the best known conjurers have made the school infamous by their choice of called beings. Those who summon the infernal and abyssal beings of the nether realms are only a small subset of this art¸ but their controversial creatures have burned the image of a hellish sorcerer consorting with demons into the minds of the populous. While this narrow stereotype is ridiculous¸ it remains a hurdle for any honest conjurer to overcome. Luckily¸ the devotees of the conjuration school have a wide variety of sources to aid them in this. The spells of a conjurer have the multiverse to choose from¸ giving a spellcaster hundreds of options for anything that might come along. It should also never be assumed that conjurers only summon monsters; the magic of conjuration also creates walls¸ clouds¸ and inanimate objects. Conjuration offers yet more; this school can also create magical effects with sheer power and a single word. The power word spells are incredibly powerful and strictly the province of this school. If a mage can envision a need¸ conjuration has the power to fulfill it. Conjuration is so diverse¸ it even incorporates elements of many other schools into its spells. The primary magic of conjuration¸ the set of summon monster spells¸ binds the creatures called to the caster’s will so tightly he could send them unflinchingly to their deaths. Magical force¸ usually the province of evocation¸ can be called into being by conjurers as well. With this kind of flexibility¸ the school of conjuration offers incredible potential. Another source for conjurers is this book. Within these pages¸ you will find more than two dozen new spells¸ ten new items of magic and twelve new feats to expand your summoning powers¸ and the details behind four prestige classes for you to strive for. There is even a selection of new summoning tables for spellcasters who focus on specific alternate planes of reality. Herein¸ you will also discover secrets for getting the most from the school’s powerful spells and dealing with the creatures you conjure. Summon up a comfortable chair¸ sit back¸ and light a candle. Turn these pages and let them conjure images of powers beyond imagination … Just keep the cardinal rule of the conjurer in mind. Never call up what you cannot put down.

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