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Planes: Feuerring - Ring of Fire

Produkttyp: Quellenmaterial ¸ Heft mit 32 Seiten für [D20-System]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Mongoose Publishing [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2002

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Eine neue Serie bei Mongoose Publishing sind 'The Planes'¸ Hefte mit je 32 Seiten¸ von denen jedes eine Existenzebene der Fantasy beschreibt. Den Anfang macht 'Feurring: Gateway to Hell' ein Ausflug in die oberen Reiche der Hölle¸ samt Einwohnern¸ besonderen Orten und Befehlshabern über die verdammten Seelen.

Feuerring¸ the great Ring of Fire¸ encapsulates Hell providing a formidable obstacle to those seeking passage into its lower layers. Anguished screams and horrific¸ ear shattering cries emanate from the multitude of condemned souls consigned to Feuerring's eternal flames of woe. The tormented spirits of the damned bob helplessly upon Feuerring's surface¸ buffeted by the shifting and treacherous vortices created by their unceasing and desperate pleas for mercy. Massive islands of sulfurous¸ smoldering rock float upon the unquenchable ocean of fire and brimstone.

Most of Feuerring is an inhospitable ring of burning liquid and sulfurous gases. Its temperature reaches a mind boggling 500 degrees Fahrenheit¸ immediately incinerating any flammable objects. Feuerring's many islands are rugged¸ but somewhat more habitable. They are composed of a mixture of igneous rock and cosmic metallic alloys such as nickel¸ cadmium and iron. Loose particles of these substances comprise the rest of the great ring¸ much like the makeup of a planetary ring. Unlike the atmosphere surrounding the ring itself¸ the islands usually produce enough breathable air to sustain life.

Legions of barbazu devils defend almost all of the islands¸ poised to repulse any attacks initiated against their plane. Dwelling within massive citadels carved from the native rock¸ the barbazu and their pit fiend commanders relentlessly patrol the islands in search of intruders. Nearly all of Hell's pit fiends consider this duty an insult; therefore only the least influential archdevils command the barbazu legions at Hell's gate. In addition to the native devils¸ an eclectic collection of deities¸ their deceased worshippers and powerful evil beings also populate Feuerring's islands. These competing interests engage in tireless intrigues against one another¸ hoping to increase their power and influence in Feuerring as well as in the Material Plane.

Within this sourcebook¸ you will find an entire layer of Hell ready to drop straight into your campaign. Feuerring is fully detailed¸ with locales and features of each of this layer's realms. In addition¸ Games Masters will be able to make ready use of the new creatures that populate the plane¸ as well as the spells¸ magic items and artefacts that comprise the dark knowledge of Feuerring's denizens. The creatures of this layer eke out their existence in the hostile confines of their fortress-prison¸ eternally watching for outside interference or for opportunities to launch their own incursions into the rest of the Universe.

Feuerring is the kind of hellish realm featured in many a myth¸ where heroes travel to stop the downfall of entire worlds¸ wrest the secret to an evil enemy's defeat or rescue the doomed souls of loved ones. An entire chapter is devoted to help the Games Master insert Feuerring quickly and easily into their existing campaigns¸ with ways of infiltration and escape from its fiery depths¸ and plot hooks and scenarios to challenge the hardiest adventurers. One way or another¸ few players will ever forget the adventures they endure in a realm of evil and torment¸ bringing the only light to be found in its expanses.

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