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Swamp Thing

Produkttyp: Abenteuer ¸ Softcover mit 64 Seiten für [DC Heroes-Universe]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Mayfair Games [HP]

Preis: unbekannt

Erstveröffentlichung: 1991

Rezension: keine vorhanden

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The 32-page Swamp Thing Sourcebook presents the reader with a detailed history of Swamp Thing¸ with progressive sets of game statistics that reflect his abilities at different stages of his existence. All of Swamp Things powers are explained in detail¸ to allow players to capture the essence of the comic book series in role-playing. Also featured are game statistics and role-playing information on Swamp Things supporting cast¸ including Abby Cable¸ John Constantine¸ Anton Arcane¸ and others.
In the full-length solitaire adventure¸ Racing With the Rats¸ Swamp Thing is infected by toxic waste and plunged into a horrific hallucinatory world¸ where he becomes trapped in a deadly delusion. The player must try to maintain his grip on sanity long enough to reverse the damage and return to reality.

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