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Family Business *new*

Produkttyp: Kartenspiel ¸ Box für [Gesellschaftsspiele - Karten]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Mayfair Games [HP]

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Milan Spiele
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Experience the excitement and mayhem of the Gangster age!Be the boss in this quick-paced card game of survival on the streets. Family Business pits mobsters against each other. You want to be the last family standing!One-by-one your gang members are placed on the hit list. Have you the influence to save them? Will they 创Take it on the Lam¸创 seek 创Police Protection¸创 or pehaps up the ante with a 创Double Contract?创In fast and furious Family Business¸ the goal is survival! What磗 in the cards for your gang?For use with game play:Family Business Player Aid

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