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The Settlers of Catan 3D Edition. (engl.)

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Verlag: Mayfair Games

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Commemorating this momentous and joyous event¸ a special edition has been offered. This special edition includes all the components needed to play Settlers of Catan¸ and Cities & Knights for 3-4 players.This edition features three dimensional hand painted tiles made of heavyweight resin and a complete interlocking border. Each player has a complete set of hand painted settlements¸ cities¸ metropolises¸ city walls¸ knights and roads. The Merchant marker¸ Barbarian Ship and the three Robbers are also sculpted in fine resin and hand painted. The special wood case is designed to keep your set safe and will feature a special slotted level with slots to hold each hex.Resource¸ development and commodity cards are finely crafted in full color casino stock and stored in three small plastic trays. With finely crafted Hex number markers formed of clear plastic disks¸ view of the beautiful terrain is unobstructed. Limited in production and available only while supplies last... Order yours now!

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