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Aliens Adventure Game

Produkttyp: Grundregeln ¸ Buch mit 192 Seiten für [Aliens]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Leading Edge Games [HP]

Preis: unbekannt

Erstveröffentlichung: 1991

Rezension: keine vorhanden

Hinweis: Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr auf Richtigkeit oder Vollständigkeit!
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Leading Edge Games actually developed an Aliens Role Playing Game¸ and did nice work with it as well. Developed after Aliens¸ but before Alien 3¸ the RPG goes into consdierable detail into the Colonial Marines¸ the Aliens¸ and the worlds they occupy. I sincerely doubt its canon¸ but the new background integrates nicely with the movies.
This Time Its War
Now you can be a part of the danger and excitement of the hit movie ALIENS¸ from Twentieth Century Fox! From the ruins of the Colony that was destroyed by the Aliens to the chaos and greed of Earth itself¸ the ALIENS Adventure Game pits you against Aliens¸ other dangerous lifeforms¸ and corrupt Humans as you find out what it takes to be a member of the Colonial Marine Corps.
Another Glorious Day in the Corps!
The accent of the game is on the Aliens¸ of course¸ but there is far¸ far more. For those who want to go beyond the Aliens and the Corps¸ there is a whole galaxy of deceit and danger in the bleak Corporate future of the ALIENS storyline. Try your hand at one of the other possibilities offered; corporate mercenary¸ explorer¸ businessman... your choices are limited only by your imagination.
The ALIENS Adventure Game prominently features full color and black and white art from the movie¸ as well as fast¸ fun game mechanics. Fast paced and intense¸ ALIENS is sure to thrill anyone who enjoyed the movie.
Included are Sections covering:
* Character Generation
* Colonial Marine Background
* Other Character Backgrounds
* General and Professional Skills
* Specialized Skills and Training
* Personal Equipment
* Individual Combat
* Ground¸ Air¸ and Space Vehicles and Combat
* Worlds¸ Colonies¸ and Outposts
* Missions and Campaign Settings
* Alien Lifeforms and¸ of course¸
* The ALIENS - Abilities¸ Metabolism¸ and Scenario Ideas.

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