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1861 (engl.)

Produkttyp: Spiel für [Gesellschaftsspiele]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Lookout Games [HP]

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1861 (formerly known as 18RU) is a member of the ?18xx? series of games. The series is based on 1829¸ designed by Francis Tresham and published by Hartland Trefoil. 1861 is set in Russia prior to the Bolshevik revolution. Three to six players represent investors in railway companies¸ spending their initial capital to buy wholly owned Private Railways and Minor Companies¸ and later shares in Public Companies. The Public Companies are each controlled by the largest shareholder (its Director). Minor Companies and Public Companies build track and run trains in order to earn revenues. Public Company revenues can be paid out as dividends to shareholders or retained to fund further track and rolling stock. The value of shares will rise and fall in relation to the fortunes of the companies. A feature of 1861¸ as with all the other games in the series¸ is that the interests of the Director and the interests of its shareholders are not identical¸ so minority shareholders need to be careful in their investments.

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