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Champions of the Red Moon

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Erstveröffentlichung: 2007

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The Lunar Empire is a vibrant and dynamic empire of numerous different peoples¸ leagues¸ associations and gatherings¸ and its heroes are shaped by their social interactions¸ from the intrigue and debauchery of Moonson's Court to the day-to-day jokes and negotiations of the bazaar. This book is built around the Immanent Action Liberation¸ a mighty political alliance committed to spreading the Lunar Way abroad and strengthening its political role and religious voice at home. The leagues and organizations within this alliance range from conspiratorial cabals of schemers to rough-edged military units¸ from canny merchants to open-handed missionaries. Thirteen of these organizations are detailed here¸ with their own story seeds¸ adventure outlines and background information to allow them to be integrated into games set anywhere in Glorantha.The book contains fourteen narrator-characters working for¸ with or sometimes against the Association. These organizations and individuals can be allies¸ enemies or patrons of the player-heroes. They also each illustrate something about the complexity of Imperial life and be used as they are or simply for inspiration as part of the backdrop for games in the Empire. 64 pages

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