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Fire and Ice: Elemental Companion

Produkttyp: Quellenmaterial ¸ Buch für [Rolemaster]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Iron Crown Enterprises [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 1989

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Elemental Companion is¸ the definitive Rolemaster sourcebook for elemental power in an FRP environment. Elemental Companion can improve any game and serves as a major supplement for ICE'S highly acclaimed FRP system¸ Rolemaster. Super- charge your fireballs—but cover up your spell books—as the Elemental Companion blasts its way into your FRP campaign! Elemental Companion provides: * Complete guidelines for the manipulation and use of elemental¸ power and spells. * Dozens of new elemental spell lists and vari- ant professions. * Complete descriptions of a variety of ele- mental races and creatures. * Six new spell attack tables and four new cri- tical strike tables. * Complete coverage of the elemental planes and the classification of elemental material. * Guidelines for how to use elemental magic as source material in a Shadow World campaign or in your own campaign. Rolemaster gamers now have an entire fantasy world at their fingertips. Shadow World products form a rich fan- tasy environment for the Rolemaster and Fantasy Hero game systems. The self-contained adventures may also be-used as isolated or hidden areas in any Gamemaster's campaign world. The completely reformatted 2nd edition Rolemaster system includes the following: *Arms Law & Claw Law — The Rolemaster Arms and Animals combat systems combined in a new¸ reorganized ¸ volume. These fast-moving rules include individual charts for 30 weapons and critical strike tables¸ as well as detailed creature attacks for real and mythical beasts. Martial arts. rules also are included. * Character Law & Campaign Law — The new version of¸ the complete character development and campaign guide. Character Law features a unique trait development system | that allows characters to increase their ability in any area of skill. There are no absolute restrictions. Campaign Law¸ includes handy reference material available to any' Gamemaster: weather¸ encounter¸ and price charts¸ and guidelines for running a campaign in a complex¸ living world. *Spell Law — The magic system that improves any FRP game! The new edition of Spell Law has over 2¸000 spell descriptions based on three realms of power and 15 profes- sions. It provides alchemy rules¸ spell attack and failure tables¸ and a unique spell-learning structure.

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