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Minas Tirith

Produkttyp: Quellenmaterial ¸ Softcover mit 222 Seiten für [Middleearth]

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Iron Crown Enterprises [HP]

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Erstveröffentlichung: 1994

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Minas Tirith documents the history¸ design¸ layout¸ garrison¸ and inhabitants of the Guarded City¸ preeminent symbol of the Free Peoples struggle against Sauron of Mordor. The capital of Gondor commands the wide gap between the White Mountains and the Ephel Dúath that encircle the Dark Lords fief. Its seven walls and levels seem to grow out of the mountains stone¸ as if carved by giants.
Minas Tirith includes:
A PAIR OF FULL-COLOR MAPS - each depicting half of the incredible City of the Guard. Beautifully rendered by the artist responsible for the maps of Endors varried terrain.
KEY LOCATIONS - the Great Gate where Gandalf halted the Lord of the Nazgûl¸ the Houses of Healing where Éowyn and Merry suffered under the Black Breath¸ and the Place of the Fountain in the High Court where Queen Arwen sang of Valinor.
ROYALTY - Tarondor¸ his family¸ and the Kings who shaped the design of Minas Tirith.
FLOORPLANS - detailing over forty edifices standing within the city walls: the Keylodge¸ the Great Bakery¸ the Waterwrights Hall¸ the Rynd Permaith Iaur¸ and more.
DENETHOR & HIS HEIRS - the Last Ruling Steward of Gondor and his sons¸ Boromir and Faramir.
CITY LANDS - the Pelennor (the enclosed slopes and terraces surronding Minas Tirith)¸ the banks of the Anduin upon which rest Harlond¸ the South-haven where river traffic docks¸ and the vales of the White Mountains¸ wild and alpine in character.
ADVENTURES - confront a beguiling traitor¸ a false rebel¸ and a corrupt sorceress.
This volume of the Citadels of Middle-earth is a revised version of the sourcebook released in 1988. The revised Minas Tirith features a new city map - so large it requires two separate halves - and includes complete stats for the Lord of the Rings Adventure Game in addition to MERP and Rolemaster stats.

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