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Valar & Maiar: Immortal Powers

Produkttyp: Quellenmaterial ¸ Buch mit 128 Seiten für [Middleearth] / Mittelerde

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Iron Crown Enterprises [HP]

Preis: unbekannt

Erstveröffentlichung: 1994

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Imagine¸ after hearing all the awful legends¸ finally confronting a dreadful spirit borne out of the great Evil of the Elder Days¸ an immortal demon stirred from his premeval slumber. Imagine meeting a Balrog.
In Valar & Maiar you learn about Balrogs¸ as well as all the other greater spirits (good and evil) inhabiting J.R.R. Tolkiens marvelous world. These immortal being¸ the mighty Ainur¸ helped shape Middle-earth - the place Elves call Endor. Their story dominates much of the continents troubled history. Fallen Ainur¸ Morgoth¸ Sauron¸ and the Balrogs¸ forever haunt the land¸ twisting Endors peoples and perverting its politics. Faithful valar¸ like Oromë and Aulëe¸ serve as patrons of the Free Peoples. Wise Maiar¸ like Gandalf and Tom Bombadil¸ act as caretakers of the Balance of Things. Each has a place in Erus scheme¸ and each has a story that colors the grand saga of Middle-earth.
Inside youll find alphabetical listings covering the appearance¸ motivations¸ characteristics¸ and background of each of the Valar and prominent Maiar:
Overviews describing the general nature and history of all the Holy Ones¸ the immortal Ainur¸ including the fallen spirits known as the Great Enemies.
Valar¸ or powers¸ the high guardians of the world:
- Manwë¸ the Breather¸ Maker of Winds¸ Lord of the Sky¸ and King of the Valar.
- Varda¸ Elbereth Gilthoniel¸ the exaulted Queen of the Starts.
- Oromë¸ the Huntsman¸ the worlds greatest armsmaster.
- Tulkas¸ the Mighty¸ stringest being in Arda.
Maiar¸ or Hands¸ the immortal servants of the Valar:
- Tim Bombadil¸ master of the Old Forest and the oldest of the Ainur in Middle-earth.
- Eönwë¸ the mighty Herald of the Valar and greatest of the Maia warlords.
- Melian¸ the Maia who married an Elf-king and became Queen of Doriath.
- Goldberry¸ the beautiful Water-spirit whose music charms the ageless flow of the River Withywindle.
Wizards - Alatar¸ Gandalf¸ Pallando¸ Radagast¸ and Saruman - the five Maia emissaries sent to Middle-earth in the Third Age.
Fallen Ainur¸ like:
- Morgoth¸ the Black Enemy¸ the exalted Vala who became the origin of all Evil.
- Sauron¸ the Lord of the Rings¸ the great Maia who served as Morgoths high servant.
- Gothmog¸ the King of the Balrogs¸ the lost Fire-spirit that led the Host of Angband.
Ungoliant¸ the frightful Demon of the Void¸ who poisoned the Two Trees that gave light to the World.
Complete character stats for ICEs Middle-earth Role Playing¸ Rolemaster¸ and Lord of the Rings Adventure Game systems¸ as well as provisions for adapting the characters to other adventure games.
Valar & Maiar is the first title in ICEs Peoples of Middle-earth adventure game series. Each work in this collection documents a specific race or group found in Tolkiens Middle-earth. Other volumes includes Dwarves¸ Hobbits¸ Orcs¸ Trolls¸ etc. Each is a comprehensive compendium describing all the notable characters from one of Endors varied races.

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